The Value Of A Dollar


money   I find it humorous that some forms of money are more acceptable than others. Money is money, right? Sorry if it isn’t convenient for you but it’s all I’ve got! We seem to have become a society where cold hard cash is frowned upon. Is that because people are unable to count change back (they are)? If you are at the grocery store and pay with cash, people stare at you like you are some sort of freak. Yes, I still carry cash (if I have any). I am a fan. If you have the nerve to try writing a check, watch out! It is frowned upon for sure. Even the 80 year old grandmas get snubbed with a move like that. Swipe your card and keep the cattle line moving.

I am trying to teach my daughter the value of money. She has been saving for a few months to go on a Dollar Store outing. Today was the day. She had saved $25 so she was all excited. She carefully picked out her items. We went to the checkout and I let her handle everything herself. The cashier was one of the rudest people I have ever dealt with. She wouldn’t even address my daughter even though she is the one making the purchase. My daughter went to pay and the cashier really started in. Sure, the money is a bit crumpled, a lot of it is ones and it isn’t all facing the same direction. She has been carrying it around in a little mermaid purse. Who cares? Humor the kid. Nope, she was rolling her eyes and let out several heavy sighs. I get that being a cashier sucks, I have been there. But, it is in fact your job so don’t take it out on my girl. The cashier finally says “Is there anything ELSE I can do for you?!” I said “No, you have done quite enough.” My daughter asked if she had done something wrong. I assured her that not all people are like that (I hope that’s true) and maybe this woman was just having a bad day. In the end, we came home with a huge bag of crap. I can’t wait until the heads and arms start falling off the Barbie dolls. Maybe next time we will opt for more quality (product and customer service). I wonder where we could find that.

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