Ears On The Road


earbuds   What’s with all of these idiots driving around with ear buds in? Seems much worse (or at least the same) as texting or talking on the phone. I don’t think the phone is the problem, I think it is the conversation. If you are in a monster fight with your boyfriend, your state of mind might not be the best for maneuvering turns or parallel parking. Music is my vice. I am always fumbling around with the iPod finding my sick beats and paying less attention than I should to the road. I have seen people apply makeup while driving and even reading a book. Don’t you just love those people who are eating while driving?! It’s never like a banana or an apple either. It is a Big Mac Meal dripping all over the place. The guy with the ear buds today was enjoying a juicy burger WHILE he rocked his ear buds. Both things must have been enjoyable as he was perfectly content to sit at a red light for not one but two cycles. Blasting on the horn doesn’t help and unfortunately he couldn’t see my finger. They need to make some of those #1 fingers like they do for sports games except let’s change the finger. This guy was definitely #1 in my book.

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