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bball   I am having a bad insurance day. And by that I mean I would like to rip somebody’s head off at one of these companies. What exactly is the point of having insurance when they cover nothing?? Because the law says so? Oooh, I am super scared now. The law should then also ensure that these insurance companies cover needed procedures as well. I am tired of hearing things were a “preexisting condition” or some other crap they made up. My daughter fell down at basketball practice and knocked her front teeth out of place. Blood all over and she was in a lot of pain. Silly me, I took her to the dentist who put them back where they belonged. Took about 45 minutes. But, since it was on a Saturday it suddenly was not medically necessary. When a person’s teeth are out of place, I DO think it is necessary to fix that, Saturday or not. My daughter is “covered” by two different insurance companies yet neither of them will pay a dime. Now my daughter can never go to the dentist until I figure out how I can get this bill paid. Guess I have to roll her in bubble wrap or something…

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