Deep Thoughts


whale   Is anyone out there familiar with a whale tail? They are popping up all over the place EXCEPT the ocean. The whale tail is that beautiful moment when a girl bends over and the thong is hanging out of the jeans (along with some ass). Like plumber’s crack wasn’t enough ass for the world? Now we need this too? Whale tails dominate Wal-Mart, dance clubs and college campuses everywhere. Young men aren’t dressed much better with the pants down to their knees and all but, at least we are staring at their underwear and not the full moon. I have two questions for the girls sporting this look. 1. Why on Earth would you want to wear a thong? You felt the need to floss your butt crack today? And 2. Why don’t you get some pants that fit or invest in this great thing they call a belt?? I can’t imagine that this look is comfortable and I certainly don’t find it attractive. If you are dressed like that and a man does approach you, I would be wary. He may have few teeth and a strong attraction to goats. Have some respect ladies, you are better than that and, you live on land!

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