Beauty And The Beast


lipstick   I don’t have a lot of time for primping anymore. I suppose I COULD make time but the truth is, I really don’t care. And I am fully aware that no matter how much war paint I apply, the old lady troll will still shine through. I used to spend hours putting myself together and trying to look my absolute best (for what, I’m not sure). The clothes, the makeup, the hair all had to be perfect. Now my main goal is to tame the Bert unibrow and make sure my beard isn’t growing in. When I get dressed, my only concern is that I can fit into whatever dreaded frock I have in the closet. I do the bare minimum to get by and some days, I can hardly mange that. I realize that there are people out there who DO still care what they look like and I think that’s great. But, don’t look down on me because I have given up hope. Why is it that whenever I have to deal with people (which I hate to do already) it is one of these perky little perfect Barbie doll types? Yes, I see you looking down on me. No, it doesn’t make me instantly want to run out and get a makeover. All I am really thinking is wow, this little bitch must have a lot more time on her hands than I do (and boobs still in the right place). I see you and yes you are pretty (on the outside anyway) but I have other things to worry about in life. So, don’t judge me for not having any lipstick on and I won’t judge you for wearing yours on your teeth.

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