Texting Is GR8!


phone   Is anyone else as bad at texting as I am? It doesn’t help that it is the ONLY way to get a hold of me because I NEVER answer phone calls. Why? Well, I don’t care for people very much so I don’t want to spend countless hours (ok, it’s minutes but it feels like hours) making idle chit chat. I figure if they have to leave a message they will get to the point and fast. Text it. I will answer. Alright, probably not right away. If the volume on the phone is actually on (seldom), I will see the message. I read it and in my head I reply with the answer. The problem is, I don’t actually text the answer. Then, the kids are yelling because they tried to see if a stuffed animal could swim in the toilet, a ball went through a window or they need cheese-its now. I get distracted. I forget that I didn’t answer because in my head, I have already addressed it. I finally have one moment of clarity between dirty diapers and heaps of laundry. I think was that conversation over? Then I check the phone and realize I still need to answer and it is 3 to 6 hours later (and often late at night). I finally answer and people are irritated that I have ignored them for so long. I wasn’t ignoring you, I just didn’t exactly answer you out loud.

Sometimes I don’t understand the text messages I receive so I don’t know HOW to answer. I don’t respond to a bunch of letters and numbers all mixed together posing as words. I NEED the words. Then, there are those messages that you read and think Ok. But I ‘m not going to respond with just an Ok, that is rude. I assume that you understand that I think Ok or I would have answered back with a different response. Texting. Very young children excel at it everywhere. 40 year olds everywhere are flubbing it up.

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