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memo   Are people unable to read nowadays? Is that a skill we have lost? You are reading this so at least a few people must still be literate but I think the number is dwindling. Maybe people just don’t care or are just plain lazy. Don’t you find it annoying that you have to answer the same question 200 times because a person just can’t read the answer? I actually sent an office email one time to get some repairs done in one of the buildings I was managing. The email was forwarded several times with many people passing the buck. Eventually, I actually received my own email back with the Subject: FYI Please Report This Information to the Appropriate Department. I wanted to scream: I SENT THIS EMAIL!! So, I repeated the whole process again (accompanied by a severe attitude problem). The same sort of thing happens on Facebook. I write a post for a page I manage and include all the information I think the fans might be interested in. They just look at the pictures ignoring the words and then ask questions in the comments that have all been answered already. Forget a pinned post. Nobody pays any attention to those either. I want to yell at people but how can I?? I would have to type the post and they would never READ it anyway.  We live in a world where things need to be big, flashy and take no more than 10 seconds as that is the average attention span. Ok, the average attention span of an adult is actually 5 minutes but considering that ten years ago that number was 12 minutes, it gives you something to think about (if you have 5 minutes to spare). I love progress.

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