Sales Pitch


Sold Buyer Seller Salesperson Customer Handshake  I know everyone has a job to do. Sometimes, their job is to annoy me by trying to sell me crap I don’t need. Even if I need it, I don’t want it. Alright, maybe I want it but I can’t afford it. So, the answer is NO. Even though I can’t buy a lot of things, I am fairly disappointed with the current level of salesmanship out there in the world. Today I was at our local mall and it seriously lacked any decent salespeople. The first man was very fancily dressed, hair about 2 feet high and sprayed. He smelled nice but he was a little too pretty for my tastes. Anyway, he is selling some kind of products for the face at one of those kiosks in the walkway of the mall. The first time I went by him I quickly stared down at the ground to avoid eye contact and I snuck by him. When I went by him again, he caught me. He looks me up and down and says “Are you looking for a beauty regimen?” I, not missing a beat quickly responded with “Do I LOOK like I need a beauty regimen?” He got all flustered and didn’t know what to say. He started muttering something about how he thought I was lovely already. Poor guy. But don’t try to sell me beauty products by telling me I am ugly.

The second salesperson was a woman that really had no clue. As we walk by she holds out some kind of card and says “Do you want it?” Want what, exactly? A business card? A coupon? A Starbucks punch card? I said no thank you and moved along. My husband later turned to me and asked if that woman just offered me her half-drank smoothie?? Step up your game people.

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