Between The Sheets


rooms   I am often amused at the advertising tactics companies use to make the sale. At one of our local motels there is a big sign out front in which they change the sayings every couple of weeks with a new enticing statement. This time they are boasting Luxurious Linens! That’s nice I suppose. I’m not really sure what constitutes luxurious linens (aren’t they still just industrial sheets?), but it sounds good. When I stay at a motel I am not so much concerned about the luxury of the sheets as I am the cleanliness of them. I think all of those tv shows inspecting the rooms with a blacklight have convinced us that sheets are always full of semen, urine, boogers, blood and God knows what else. That’s probably true most of the time but I would rather not think about that. As long as they look clean, they are good enough for me. Luxury is optional. How much do I have to pay for this extra “luxury’? The crazy thing is, I actually worked for this very same motel back in the early 1990s. Each of us housekeepers had an entire floor of rooms to clean and very little time to do it in. I towed the line and followed the rule book for the first week or so. I never got all of the rooms done no matter how fast I tried to work. And, I got my ass reamed for it. I learned to do what all of the other ladies did. If the bed looks clean, just make it. No need to change the sheets. I always felt guilty but it was the only way I could do the work expected of me. I always think of that now and every time I stay in a motel, I rip the sheets off all the way so this process won’t be an option. With that being said, unless this motel has changed their room to staff ratio, I doubt the sheets are luxurious. Oh, maybe they are a real nice cotton blend but I still don’t want to sleep on them after some big, hairy tourist just got sweat and drool all over them.

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