The Constant Countdown


how many   I saw a vibrant little photo today alerting me to the fact that spring is in 58 days. Ok. So? Before that it was the countdown until the big fat man came down the chimney. Before that it was “2 weeks until everything is pumpkin flavored!” I have also been seeing posts lately picking on poor Old Man Winter and begging for summer to come. It has been here before! Did you miss it then? No. Remember, it was those few months when you bitched and bitched about how hot it was, you were tired of boob sweat and couldn’t wait for the temperatures to cool down. Now you want it back again? Why do we spend our whole lives wishing it was another day or time instead of living for right now? We always want what we can’t have. I used to think that I would be happier in life if I were just skinnier, richer, prettier, smarter or a million other scenarios. Actually, the verdict is still out on that since I haven’t actually become any of those things yet. I have however started working out. And by working out I mean pulling myself up off the couch to change the tv because I can’t find the remote. Next week I might even look for that remote. Couch cushions are heavy though and I don’t want to pull a muscle. Maybe I will just watch less tv and play more games online. Don’t say I don’t have goals…

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