I Don’t Give A Bae!


slang   I try to be hip, cool, in touch with the times. I’m not. I don’t get today’s slang at all. What was wrong with the words we already had? I thought we were using an acceptable language that was complete. Inevitably, new words are being added faster than I can learn what they mean. Granted, my brain is a little slower than it used to be. I know this word has been around for awhile and I admit, I never knew exactly what it meant so I just would just put the dumb smile on my face or nod accordingly when I saw it online. The word is bae. I would hear things like “My bae is the best!” or “I love my bae more than anything else in the world!” So, I was assuming it was a person’s love interest. Either that, or pizza. Online I see things like My bae is better than yours or I’m keeping my bae forever! So again, I assume it is a person’s significant other (or a kick-ass car). Today I ran across this word again. The tweet said My only bae is God. I finally looked up the word just for fun. The urban dictionary defines bae as “a Danish word for poop”. It’s poop people.  You love poop and hold a great admiration for it? You want to keep your poop forever? Like, bronzed or what?? And, I don’t think God appreciates being called a poop. I was a little hesitant to use bae in conversation previously just because I wasn’t certain on the meaning. Now that I know, I am going to use it all the time! Now I can tell someone “I could just bae all over you!” and they will think I am so sweet. He he.

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