Man’s Best Friends


puppy   Is it strange that I would rather talk to animals than humans? If I come across a bird, dog, horse, squirrel, deer or pretty much any other creature; I am all smiles and ready to chat. If I see a person headed my way, I am ready to run. If it is a group of people, I am ready to run even faster (honestly, a brisk walk since I DON’T run). I am comfortable around animals. They don’t judge, don’t give you dirty looks, don’t laugh at you (maybe a hyena), don’t pretend and most importantly don’t talk behind your back. You can trust them. They always have an understanding gaze for you. Those humans are unpredictable. I guess that is why people will spend enormous amounts of money on their pets. They are your best friends after all and they even let you dress them in those ridiculous sweaters without too much of a fight. Try getting your human bestie in one of those hideous sweaters you find adorable and see what kind of reaction you get. Geez, some people are so ungrateful.

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