Making The Connection


internet   People go CRAZY when they lose their internet connection (myself included). It’s like the world might end. HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW WHAT I HAD FOR DINNER OR THAT I WENT TO THE GYM TODAY?! We could be doing so many other things like spending time with our family, reading a book, going for a walk, making some cookies, etc. etc. But, all we really do is stare at the screen muttering “Connect you Son of A B—-!” We will just keep hitting that connect button over and over expecting different results, demanding them with our tone of voice. Some of us (myself included, again) will go so far as to rough the machine up a bit.

What’s the obsession with being connected? What do we think we are going to miss? It’s like little kids not wanting to go to sleep at night. They are sure we are up to something awesome while they are sleeping. The truth is, there really isn’t anything that spectacular going on. It can all wait until tomorrow. Or the next day, or the next day. We must stop the madness! Don’t worry. When you return, Facebook will still be full of pictures of people’s “adorable” children, Pinterest will be loaded with DIY ideas destined to fail, and your email will still contain those special offers from some make believe University promising you an online degree in 6 weeks. So, take time out for a breather every now and then. Sneak a peek at this life that is passing you by.

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