Who Let The Kids Out?


bad children    People stare at me funny when I discipline my child out in public. Well, if it isn’t ok to act that way at home, why would it be alright at the grocery store?? It isn’t an alternate universe that’s filled with puppy dogs and rainbows where nothing goes wrong. It is life and I am still a mom and she is still a toddler. There are bound to be problems now and then. Let’s face it, we all hate those people who won’t leave the movie theater even though their kid is throwing a fit in the front row. Then there are those who feel the need to take their children out to a nice restaurant and it becomes not so nice when the munchkin is throwing food all over, breaking glasses and yelling for ice cream. I LOVE kids on airplanes that kick my seat constantly for the entire flight. But, in all of these cases, it isn’t really the kids we should blame. It is the parents who allow their kids to act like complete trolls while they just smile like idiots. I won’t do that. It isn’t like I am hauling off and beating my child. But, I will put the smack down when necessary. You’re Welcome.

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