Phone Home


kid phones    Why are 7 year olds running around with iPhones? I know I need to get on board with modern parenting but this I will just not understand. When I was 7, I think I still had the phone you pull on a string with the eyes that go back and forth. An iPhone just seems like a fairly expensive toy to me. I know parents claim that it is for the safety of the child but you realize you just opened up a portal to hell right (otherwise known as the internet)?! I just don’t think kids that young are prepared to surf, post videos to youtube and access who knows what at their fingertips. I suppose kids will see this stuff somewhere else anyway but I don’t want to give them any help. There are so many freaks out there, a direct line to my child is not a good idea. I know we can’t shelter our kids from everything but I would like to keep them as children for at least a little while. We did ok simply by telling our parents where we were going, when we would be back and who we would be with. The basics. If they need to give us a call, I am sure 100 phones are within reach of any place you turn. I don’t care what all of the other kids have, I don’t care that I’m mean. I am MOM.

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