CAPTCHA my ass!


captcha   To all of those websites who are still using CAPTCHA. PLEASE STOP! I assure you, I am not a bot. But, I am however lacking in vision and your letters and curves, floating all over the place are more than I can handle. Honestly, ask me whatever you want. I am sure there are other ways for me to prove my humanness. But this, I cannot take. I try to stare at the letters and I feel like I am on acid. I enter what I believe are the correct symbols and nope, try again. Nope, try again. Dammit! I can take no more! Can’t I just do some math? I mean seriously simple math like 2 + 2 or something. Of course the bot probably knows that too because I know it’s a hell of a lot smarter than me. Screw you, bot! I don’t have somebody programming my knowledge. Ok, how about some personal information? Like the first time I got lucky or my actual weight compared to what I said on my driver’s license. Now the bot is laughing hysterically. I’m not sure there is any way I can win this battle…All I know is that if it takes me more than one time to try to get into your site and you still believe I am automated, I am outta here. (Like outta this room, not the universe).

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