The Cold, Pink Truth


makeup   Let me tell you about the day I joined a cult. Ok, they weren’t asking us to drink the kool-aid but I was caught in a pink fog for several months. They were using brainwashing techniques, a play on religion and way too much bright red lipstick. They are some of the most ruthless, conniving women you will ever meet, presenting themselves as your “sisters” for life. Funny, I have always been an only child and guess what? I still am. Bottom line, they are about the sale and nothing else. They will do and say anything to get it. They are the women of Mary Kay.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they are all bad. I know some lovely women who sell Mary Kay and don’t resort to dirty low down tactics to make a buck. I really do like some of the products. And, I don’t doubt that Mary Kay Ash was one hell of a woman! This is just the experience that I had with the company and at this point in time, all I can do is chuckle about my gullibility. Here’s how they do it…

They lure you into coming to what they call “glamour night” in which you are promised a FREE MAKEOVER. The truth is; you are going to a recruiting party. The only makeover you receive is one you give yourself as they are not “allowed” to touch the customers. They make you feel like you were hideous before their amazing product but with the help of Mary Kay, you may be able to show your face to the world. It is a night filled with smoke and mirrors. Loud music plays while they pass you around and lay their charms on you. They talk about money, prizes and pink Cadillacs. The dream job. A job for yourself. You are the boss. You decide your income. You can be a “GOOD” mom and stay home with your kids. You can be independent. You can be happy. You can be a messenger of God. They clap, cheer, cry, and hug A LOT. They have catch phrases like “I’m Red Hot and I’m going to the Top!” and tell the world how wonderful they are. It can all be yours for just a few dollars (hundreds) and they assure you that even if it doesn’t work out, you will still be receiving a great deal on some fabulous product. They promise to mentor you into being the best person you can be. The person God wants you to be. They latch on to those of us with low self esteem and big dreams and present an illusion we can’t resist.

Once they have you in their mitts they will hassle you until you perform to their standards or throw you out for not being the type of person they find worthy of being in the sisterhood. They tell you what to wear (I was even brought clothes that were acceptable), how to act, what to say (with a script for every situation), where to go, what God to serve and who you should and should not spend your time with. You WILL conform and if you don’t, they will shun you and bad-mouth you to the community. I played their game for several months, even made a few bucks. But in the end, I decided I prefer integrity over the Pink Cult. I never was quite good enough to be fully accepted no matter how hard I tried. Pink never was my color anyway…

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4 thoughts on “The Cold, Pink Truth

  1. Ann Geiger

    Hey there!. I am sorry that you had such an awful experience!! I know that there are some people who would do anything for the sale and the prestige…. but I also know that there are some wonderful people who really do care about the customers and teammates. I know that I learned a great deal about running a business (pros and cons) during my MK experience…. and I made some friends that will be friends for life – even though I myself left the MK world. There can be a lot of high pressure folks in any direct marketing business… sounds like you ended up with some of those…. Take the good things you learned about yourself and working with people and keep moving forward to whatever is next for you.


      Thanks, Ann! I was very successful selling Avon and I was a marketing director for a healthcare corporation for a couple of years. I would never have resorted to some of the tactics these ladies use. But, you are right. As with anything, you take your lessons and move on. I never did quite fit into a mold 🙂

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