SHHH I’m Shopping


shhh    Well, I survived another enchanting trip to Wal-Mart today. It was pretty mellow until some kid started hollering in the frozen food aisle. In all fairness, his mother took care of it promptly. But as she is wheeling him off in the cart, I hear this young couple say “Man, why can’t some people just leave their kids at home?” Now I can appreciate that some people don’t want children of their own and don’t want to tolerate other people’s. I feel that way often. But this is grocery shopping. What would you have us do, leave the kid in the car or home alone? I think it is understood that Wal-Mart is a “family” place and yes, people will bring their kids along. I didn’t know it was taboo to do so. Fortunately my little angel was fairly well behaved today and the only thing she did was whip her bottle at a lady in produce. I can play that off as an “accident”. But, it isn’t the club, a fancy restaurant, the movies or the opera. It’s Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart = Crying Brats. The end.

Now, is there some special training that Wal-Mart employees receive regarding the bagging process? Is there a reason they all put 20 cans in one very thin bag just waiting to explode? Does it come out of their hide if they separate the cans into two bags or worse yet, double bag something? So there I was in the parking lot with my fragile bag FULL of canned goods when the bottom ripped out, two cans hit my foot and the diced tomatoes went rogue and rolled under a truck. I practically got hit by a car chasing them, got down on my knees in the snow to reach the can and still couldn’t get them. I said screw it. Nobody needs tomatoes that bad.

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