Worst Facebook Posts of 2015


fbChecked out your Facebook newsfeed lately?? Let me save you some time, these are the posts you will see OVER and OVER in a slightly varied version. C’mon people, let’s get creative this year and stop annoying your friends! There are so many other ways to do that which are much more fun.

  1. If you like and share this post you could win 2 billion dollars! Here’s the reality: Nobody is giving you anything, anytime, ever for free. So, don’t drag us into your delusions. Mark is not sharing his millions with you.
  2. If you love God share this if not, scroll by and burn in hell. Do you think God spends his free time browsing FB to make sure you shared his picture and typed AMEN? God is all knowing, he knows if you love him or not. If you want to share your love, that’s great! But, don’t do it because you were scared into it by an FB post. I don’t think that counts.
  3. Let’s see who reads my posts. Let’s not. The minute I see that I roll my eyes and continue on. I may have read it, but now there’s NO chance.
  4. I am de-cluttering my friends list, so tell me if you want to stay. I don’t give a crap if you delete me or not. Do what you must. I either friended you or accepted your friend request so I must have thought it was OK. If you have decided otherwise, you are free to unfriend me at anytime, no notice needed. And de-cluttering, seriously? Because 5 more friends might just throw you over the edge??
  5. I have the best husband/wife in the world. Blah, blah, blah. That’s great but we don’t want to hear about it. Either we have a great spouse too and know the magic of it all or we don’t have a great spouse and we really don’t need you throwing your bliss in our face.
  6. If you have a heart, share this photo. And then it’s this horrible picture of a disfigured kid or a beat-up puppy. Yes, I have a heart. That’s why I don’t want to see these photos over and over again.
  7. It’s Obama’s fault that the world sucks. The political rants are endless and what’s worse yet is that the people writing them are usually of very little intellect. If you want to rant about politics, do your research first.
  8. I just got back from a two hour workout at the gym! Well, I just clocked in a very strenuous two hours playing video games. What’s your point? Knock yourself out but don’t brag about it here. Us slouches don’t need the motivation.
  9. Bob just checked in at iHop. We don’t need the details from every place you step foot today. We are out in the world too. Are you trying to create hundreds of stalkers? Do something in private every now and then. It will be fun. If you must check-in, do it when it is someplace cool, not McDonalds.
  10. My team stomped your team’s ass! If you truly are a die-hard fan, we can tolerate this. But, if you don’t know a single stat about the team then give us a break. We are capable of watching the news or reading a newspaper. I also believe there is something called ESPN.

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