It Starts Again


no resolutions2016 already?! How has another year snuck up on us?? But, it is here again. A clean slate so they say. So, let’s fill it up with ridiculous resolutions that are damn near impossible to meet. That way we can feel like total failures right out of the gate. Perfect way to start the New Year! Hell, I am still working on my promises from last year. Things were going pretty well but then things attacked me like cake, chocolate, wine and a couch that was just begging me to come and beach on it. Sure, I could be a stronger person and try to have an ounce of self control but that’s just not me. It’s not most people. Why beat ourselves up?

Let’s focus on the positive! We survived another year and are still here to laugh about it. Trump rattling on and on with that dead squirrel on his head, Miley “performing” with nothing on but a thong and some nipple stars, Adele breaking the sound barrier…again and a “lady” with a pee pee is named the Woman of the Year. Yep, we’ve seen a lot and that isn’t even including the shit we deal with in our own day to day lives. The road rage, the Wal-Mart trips, screaming bosses, phony people and all of those “lite” foods masquerading as the real thing. We deserve some kind of award or at the very least, a gold star.

How can we expect good things this year when our goal is to cut out all of the things that are good about it? Go ahead, indulge just don’t overdo it.  Those stick thin, run 10 miles a day, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t have sex, don’t spend money frivolously types are some of the most unhappy people I know. Ok, I don’t actually KNOW any of those people but it’s a safe assumption…

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