I Need A Big Gulp!


Big GulpToday I went to Target to pick up an item I saw online. Of course when I arrive, they don’t have that item or anything even remotely similar. Typical. So, I think ok, I will just grab a drink quick and get going. I head to the checkout stand with only one person in line and she only has 1 item, score! Not quite. Even though this woman only has 1 item, she proceeds to apply for a Target card right then and there. 10 minutes later, I am still standing in the speedy checkout. Don’t people realize they are being rude? Couldn’t she apply online or at the customer service desk or something? But, that’s ok, I still smile and wait…The couple behind me are really getting irritated and start in with the heavy sighs. The clerk then proceeds to get pissed off and yells at us that someone can help us on check stand 10. I looked at the couple and said, “Hey, if you want to risk it, go ahead. I am not falling for that one again because the line you move to will suck also and may even be worse!” The woman said, “That’s funny!” They moved, I proceeded to wait. My turn finally arrived. On my way out of the store I smiled at the couple that had moved and were STILL waiting. The moral of the story is; Target misses the bullseye. This is why you buy your beverage at the gas station. Or, the liquor store…

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One thought on “I Need A Big Gulp!

  1. I never fall for the switch lines trick. I think it is a game and we are the pawns. Somewhere someone is watching via camera and laughing at those that switch lanes! lol

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