Stick It!


selfie 3Selfies Suck! Most of you know my feelings on the selfies. One on occasion is tolerable. However, they have gotten completely out of control and I despise them. Look at me, I’m at The Empire State Building, Look at me, I’m eating dinner at Pizza Hut, Look at me, I’m 2 and figured out how to use mom’s phone, Look at me, I drink beer. We see you, yes, we like you but put your mug away already. Can’t you ask someone else to take the photo for you (when a photo is actually warranted)? Don’t you have a friend that might be included so we don’t think you just travel around solo looking for the best shots to make yourself a star? I am convinced now that no friends are needed because of this great invention called the selfie stick (for when an arm just won’t do).

Yes, it is a stick that holds your phone for you so you can take quote: “better selfies”. There is NO such thing. You can’t improve on something that already stinks beyond salvation. Whether it is your arm or a metal rod, it is still a selfie and you look like an idiot. Now, these fools are ruining my photo ops too (non-selfies of course)! Any type of public attraction will now have masses of people standing in front of it busting out the selfie sticks. So, every picture a normal person tries to capture will be destroyed by the metal arm of a selfie stick. I guess becoming a “Selfie Expert” is a sought after achievement but for me, it is just easier to say “Hey, would you mind taking our picture?” Now all I get to say is “Hey, can you move your robotic arm out of my way??” A camera on a stick. I’d rather have a corndog on mine…

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