What’s In A Name?


nametagI don’t know about the rest of you but I am HORRIBLE at remembering people’s names. I know, I know, you are supposed to use some sort of association with their name and some other stupid thing that you will remember. But, the only thing I am associating is the fact that I will probably never see this person again so their name is irrelevant. But, sometimes a person does stick around for a while. That’s when things get awkward.

My daughter is friends with several of the girls in our neighborhood. They do sleepovers, pizza parties, running through the sprinklers, etc. I have met ALL of their parents and exchanged niceties. I know who they are, I could probably pick them out in a crowd and I speak to them when we cross paths. That’s as far as it goes. One set of parents turned out to be what we call “our kind of people”, you know the semi-normal ones. We have chatted several times, texted and I have even watched their kid overnight, the problem is…I don’t know their names. Now they are talking about getting together for a game night or something of the like and again, I don’t even know their names. At first it didn’t matter and I wasn’t expected to know them that well. Now it’s two years later and I SHOULD know their names but I can’t ask. So, I do a lot of the “Hey, you!” or “What’s up girlfriend?”. It is quite pathetic. I am not going to rat myself out this late in the game though. Maybe I can score an invitation to their house and do the classic medicine cabinet peek…

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