Will The Circle Be Unbroken?


turnaboutHow come there are no other drivers on the face of the Earth who know how to do those turnabout things right?? There are two types of motorists who approach these things with very different strategies. The first type believe that the world will yield to them so they can do as they please with complete disregard to all other people. They speed, they cut-in and they WILL run you over if you are walking or riding a bike and dare enter the circle. The second type is like a deer in the headlights. They pause and stare around as if this is the first time they have ever driven a car and if they screw up, the driver’s ed instructor might slam on the brakes from his side of the car. They start to go then stop several times causing all people present utter confusion. If all of this wasn’t bad enough I have seen other rules broken as well that should be obvious but since they aren’t, I feel inclined to mention them.

  1. Put down your phone BEFORE you enter the turnabout.
  2. Put down your beer BEFORE you enter the turnabout.
  3. Stop making out with your partner BEFORE you enter the turnabout.
  4. Your dog does not belong on your lap.
  5. Your girlfriend does not belong on your lap (see rule 3).
  6. Tell your kid to sit down and shut-up BEFORE you enter the turnabout.
  7. You Should Not be wearing headphones and rocking out while driving.
  8. You DON’T need to wear sunglasses when it is dark outside.
  9. Finish applying your makeup BEFORE you enter the turnabout.
  10. Put down your taco BEFORE you enter the turnabout.

If fellow drivers could help me out by at least considering the above rules, I would really appreciate it. If not, well, it will be pretty much be the same as every other day.

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