I’ll Take A Large Cheese Pizza, Hold The Cell Phone


no cell phoneWhy do some individuals feel the need to completely disregard the rules of proper etiquette? Is it so hard to show others some common courtesies? The latest offenders on my list are the people who feel they are so important, they need to answer and talk on their cell phones anywhere and anytime. We have all dealt with them. They are the ones at the grocery store who can’t even get off the phone to talk to the person ringing up their purchase. The ones at the school play talking through an entire scene. The ones at the movie theatre disregarding a full room of people who have also paid their $20 to see the movie. And, they are the ones that drive me crazy at the restaurant!!

My family was dining at a local pizzeria this evening; a special treat. Pretty soon a cell phone starts ringing loudly with one of those obnoxious ringtones. A man answers it and proceeds to have a very lengthy and very LOUD conversation. Judging from the conversation, it could have waited. Nobody was dead or anything, it was just general guy talk about how women suck and they just got new tires on their sweet ride. Hello, this is very rude and it is awkward for the rest of us. Then, when my daughter starts making just a little bit of noise, I get the crusty look. If your conversation is indeed so important, take the call elsewhere. Can’t we just have a simple 30 minute dinner free from phones and iPads?? This is why I typically stay home.

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