When You Gotta Go…


dirty-bathroomI have no objections to squatting in the woods (or, side of the road) to take a pee. It’s actually a much better alternative to some of the public restrooms I have encountered lately. It never fails that I walk into the stall with the overflowing toilet that refuses to flush. Filled with floating turds, huge wads of toilet paper and trash of all varieties makes it quite a sight indeed. Now you have a choice, hold it or add your deposit to the top of the pile (because all the other stalls are somehow full). Unless it is an absolute emergency, I will usually wait for the next available stall. Then, once I get in there I discover there is no tp because it has been the only functioning toilet for the last 4 hours. So, you drip dry and move on. Once you come out to wash your hands, surprise! the soap is all gone. That’s alright because you only have about 5 seconds anyway with that damn automatic faucet. Good luck drying your hands, your pant leg is the best option. For the grand finale, you look up into what is supposed to be a mirror and find it is one of those jail style mirrors with no reflective qualities at all. But, at least we know Susan has been here, it is scratched into the mirror several times (and she loves Brad 4-ever).

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