It’s Tourism Season


touristsI get really frustrated when people talk to me like I am a simpleton. Yesterday, I was out exploring ghost towns. I couldn’t find the right road I needed to take to access one of them so I stopped to ask for directions. I walk into the gas station to ask for help and the woman behind the counter is on the phone. She is telling the person on the other end the latest gossip between handfuls of Doritos. She gives me a glare as I stand at the counter waiting and tells the person on the phone very loudly “Well, I have to go now. Apparently somebody needs my help.” I smile and she says “What is it?” I asked her for directions to the ghost town. She replies with “Do you have 4 wheel drive?” I told her I didn’t. She says “Well, you’re NEVER going to be able to get there without it.” I thanked her but assured her I would be fine. She squints at me and replies with “I wouldn’t try it.” I said “Consider me warned, now how do I get there?” The already crusty look on her face worsens. I tell her “Look, I am not a tourist. I live in Montana I just haven’t been up here in a few years.” She finally gives up the directions but again tells me I will never make it. I thanked her and left. 3 hours later, I stopped back into the same place on my way home and was happy to tell her what a great time I had and that there were no problems accessing the location. She gets a half grin on her face. I said “Well, you have been a delight but I must be on my way.” Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do, I got this. You may go back to your Doritos now.

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