The Real Reason Kids Aren’t Getting Immunized


shotIt’s the beginning of the month and as I was writing out my calendar, I realized that my daughter is 18 months old now and needs some shots. So, I called the Doctor’s office to make an appointment for her. It DID NOT go well. Check out this conversation (after waiting on hold for 15 minutes listening to a message telling me how important my call was to them):

Receptionist: very rude tone– “This is Pat, what do you need?”

Me: friendly tone “Hello, I was hoping to make an appointment for my daughter. She just turned 18 months old and needs some immunizations. Her Dr. is ______.”

Receptionist: still rudely “Well, how old is she?!”

Me: “18 months.”

Receptionist: “Who is her doctor?”

I tell her.

Receptionist: “She needs a wellness checkup in order to get her shots!”

Me: “Ok.”

Receptionist: “We don’t have any appointments until the end of August.”

Me: “I see. Would I be able to bring her in just for the shots and then schedule a wellness checkup for August?”

Receptionist: “No, we can’t give her shots without the wellness checkup.”

Me: “Alright, I guess give us the first appointment in August then.”

Receptionist: “I can schedule her but you will need to bring her in for her shots.”

Me: “When?”

Receptionist: “Now if she has turned 18 months.”

Me: “I thought she couldn’t get the shots without the appointment?”

Receptionist: “Right.”

Me: “Do you have an earlier appointment?”

Receptionist: “The first appointment I have is in August.”

Me: Dumbfounded look on face “Maybe you could just have the nurse call me.”

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