What’s Your Sign?


zodiac-signs-md     Have you ever noticed how people will use any excuse to justify their behavior? No matter what the problem is, no matter what they have done, it couldn’t be their fault. It is the fault of their dysfunctional family, society or my personal favorite; the stars. Horoscopes have become the perfect means to explain stupid behavior. Listen up. Just because the stars are aligned or the sun and moon have crossed paths doesn’t mean you can act any way you want. Zodiac signs are not an explanation of why you act the way you do. You act the way you do because you are a jerk. Don’t blame the galaxy for that.

Those who have to check their horoscope every day make me laugh too. Have you not noticed how generalized the advice is? It doesn’t amount to much of anything. It is for entertainment value. That is why it is generally printed with the funnies, Ann Landers or that weird guy that gives medical advice. Don’t take it so seriously. You already know everything it is going to tell you. Things like: someone new is going to come into your life, you will deal with monetary issues today, you may question a decision you have made and blah, blah, blah, Yep, sounds like me. And, everyone else in the world too.

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