Waiting Patiently


wait   The waiting game. I have spent a lot of my time working with seniors in Assisted Living and Retirement centers. I am always the planner of the activities. There was one resident of mine named Donald who came to every event or outing I ever planned. He also brought his crotchety attitude along. He frequently came early and then complained non-stop about the wait time. His favorite phrase was “hurry up and wait”. It’s true though. Do you ever wonder how much of your life is spent just waiting?? The rebuffering times for Netflix alone have to add up to years of waiting. The checkout lines, the DMV and the red lights add a few more years. How about when you have to wait at the Doctor’s office in that little room with your ass hanging out of the back of the gown and the only thing they have to read is a Field and Stream from five years ago. The waiting didn’t bother me so much in the past but now that I am 40, I don’t want to waste any more time waiting. Waiting for Mr. Right has to be at the top of the list of time consumers also. There isn’t much I want to wait for now, maybe money. Money might be worth the wait. So, if the check is in the mail, I will wait for it as I stare at that rebuffering message on my tv.

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