Can I Ask You A Favor?


calling a friend    Am I the only one who receives phone calls only when somebody needs something? You know, they are moving and need your help, they are having some kind of emotional breakdown, their kid is selling some crap for school, or their car has broke down. Even though I am more than willing to help, it would be nice if at least a couple people called just to say hello or ask how I am doing. I get so lonely that when the cable company calls to offer me a great deal, I strike up a conversation. It’s funny that when you try to cash in a favor from a friend in return, they don’t answer the phone, are unusually busy or have come down with the plague. If you call up to offer them food or booze though, they will be there in an instant. It’s human nature I suppose. I keep waiting for the phone call inviting me to some special event. But then, I would have a new problem. The classic gal dilemma of “I have nothing to wear!”.

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