Get Your Glamp On


glamping     I have heard it all now. The latest craze: glamping. Maybe you know about this already but to me, it was a new idea. And, a ridiculous one at that. I kept seeing posts about these “glamping specials” for $200 a night and up. A: That doesn’t sound like much of a special to me and B: What the hell is glamping? So, I went and looked it up. The definition: glamorous camping. Excuse me? Camping is not meant to be glamorous. It’s all about bugs, sticks, dirt and smelling like campfire smoke. From the pictures I saw, glamping has turned camping into large, fancy tents with full size beds, dressers, couches, fireplaces, oil lamps and so on… We already have places for the fancy pants people who demand sophisticated standards, they are called hotels. Camping is for those of us who are able (and want to) rough it. It’s fine if that isn’t your thing but don’t try to bring the glitz and glam into the forest, it already exists there for those of us with the vision to see it. Besides, we wouldn’t want you to break a nail…

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