Tight Fittin’ Jeans



skinny jeans     Until today, I didn’t realize they made skinny jeans for adults. I really thought it was a 13 year old girl thing. But, there they were on the shelf and they were on sale so now I am the proud owner (well, the owner anyway). Don’t you absolutely dread the task of trying on clothes?? First, you have to stand in line for one of those little plastic hangers so you can put it on the door of your stall. What’s the worst that could happen if they didn’t hand out those things? People would mistake it for a bathroom or something? Next, you get in the crawl space and realize that you are actually two sizes bigger than you assumed. It’s depressing. And, it’s depressing from all sides thanks to the mirrors surrounding you on all the walls. Here’s my complaint: my skinny jeans are broken! My butt still looks like it should be tagged with a “Wide Load” sign. I guess that’s why they were reduced in price. Next up…swimsuit season!! I wonder if they are making “skinny” swimsuits yet.

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