Don’t Feed The Bears


Missed Bear     We came home today to find a bear cub running through our front yard! We watched as several cars chased him down the street as he swerved in and out of yards. Pretty soon two young blonde ladies in flip flops, short shorts and wet t-shirt contest ready shirts came walking by. One asked “Like, did you see a bear go by here?” I told them which direction it headed but in my mind I was thinking Oh My God. What did they plan to do if they actually caught up with the bear? Try to pet him? Ask him to share a picnic basket lunch? Give me a break. I had to see how this all was going to play out. I grabbed my camera and hopped in the car. All kinds of people were on the bear’s trail including 2 cops. I just stayed back and watched the show. A female cop got out of her squad car and tried enticing the bear with some kind of food she had on a paper plate. So here she is waving the plate at the bear and saying “Are you hungry?” Again, give me a break. The bear paused for a moment to give her a look of WTF? and then ran off. People stopped gardening, biking, working on cars and barbecuing all to chase this bear. Is it the wisest idea to chase a bear, especially on foot? I have to again pose the question, what will you do when you catch it? Throw a leash on it? Ask him to please leave? I tried to snap a quick photo of the bear but as you can see he was way too fast for me. And, I believe I was the only person involved that didn’t actually want to catch the thing. But, people are funny and I was entertained. I thing the bear was too.

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