Potty Mouth (Other Than Mine)


toilet     It’s not a matter of IF your kids are going to embarrass you, it’s just a question of when, where and to what extent. Today, my daughter got me pretty good. I had to get some grocery shopping done so I loaded her in the cart and she smiled happily and waved to people as we went by. She looks very sweet and innocent. She is learning all kinds of new words. Today, she decided to practice some of that knowledge. As we are going through the store, she starts yelling “Cock, Cock!”. I am not sure what she was trying to say but that was what was coming out. I know my face was all kinds of red. I tried to shhhh her which only made her yell louder. It didn’t help that we were going by the sporting goods section and needless to say, there was lots of “cock” around. One pervert got a grin on his face and asked me “What exactly are you shopping for today?” I answered with “If I find it, I’ll let you know.” I quickly made my way to the food section and proceeded on with my shopping. My daughter was still yelling but it had dimmed down and was G rated. Oh the fun of shopping with a small child. She likes to throw items at random people too. If you see us in the store, take cover.

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