Chaos At The Carnival


signature pic     Cake walks, fishing with a clothespin on a string, face painting and ring toss. Yep, tonight was the school carnival. And yes, it all costs money. Then, there’s the added bonus of paying for photos, cotton candy, popcorn and whatever else they can think of to soak us with (we had to pay to duct tape the teachers too). I have no problem supporting the school but with all the book fairs, field trips, and bake sales throughout the year I am about broke. But, I took my daughter and her friend to celebrate the cause and of course they had a great time. I however am now sitting in the recliner tending to my aching feet and back.

With hundreds of parents, their kids, teachers, volunteers and babies filling up the school it was about 100 degrees in there. Sticky stuff was all over the floors, kids were throwing fits and tensions were running high. Parents were getting a bit cranky to say the least. People were slamming into each other and stepping on each other’s feet. Lines were long and kids were hopped up on sugar and running wild. Tantrums were everywhere you turned. I don’t understand why parents don’t stand up to their bratty children and tell them “Fine, we are going home if you can’t act decent!” They don’t though, they try to reason with a screaming kid. Has this ever worked??

As I stood there watching the cake walk, I was entertained by one mother who was making a complete fool of herself dancing around John Travolta style. When the music stopped, of course she was on the winning number. With 19 other children dying to win a cake, couldn’t you give it to one of them?? Not her, she grabbed the first cake she could find and starting biting right into it then and there. She walked past me and said “Oh, I saw you behind me in line and I thought there is another mom. But then, you didn’t even participate!!” And gave me a dirty look. I said “Well, I try to refrain from being an asshole.” I thought this was about the kids already. Just when I thought I had about all I could stand, I saw the sign in the picture up above that explains to the kids how to write a letter. Now, I am no grammar Nazi but if you can’t even spell signature, don’t try to teach how to use it. And of course, it is posted up in my child’s classroom. I guess we better have a few more bake sales to buy some dictionaries.

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