So Call Me Maybe


rotary phone      Rotary phones. Who misses them? You could call a boy you like and hang up when he answers, just to hear his voice. You could ask someone if their refrigerator is running. You could call someone just to see if they answer and then hang up. No questions asked. Oh, the drama with phone calls now. We always know who is calling, instantly. What we don’t know is why. Does he like me? Was it a dare?? Now that I am a parent, I want to know the latest scoop. Of course, I get nothing. The only calls I receive are people demanding money or the cable company offering me the deal of the century.

I miss being able to call people anonymously. Most of all, I miss hanging up on people with force. It just doesn’t deliver the same satisfaction to hit the end button as it did to slam down the phone! People would respond to that! Often, you would get the call back with the statement “How dare you hang up on me!” I dared to do it, I meant it and I would love to be able to do it again. It’s yet another example of how technology has bitten me in the ass.

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