Save It For Later



leftovers     Leftovers. Love them or hate them?? I have never been much of a fan myself but on the other hand, I hate to throw food out. I go through the same drama every single night; trying to find a container to put the crap in. I refuse to spend money on those fancy plastic containers you see on TV that fold down or better yet, the ones with the lid attached right on. It seems like a good idea but I am cheap and just find those products too good to be true. So, I continue to suffer like a stooge. My containers consist of dollar store bargains or margarine and cool whip tubs. Each night is a mad search for a matching container and lid. Tonight I had 4 different containers but not one damn lid that would fit. In the process of searching, I cut my elbow open and started bleeding on everything. I finally found a container with a lid (WAY too big) and got that stuff in the fridge. And there it will sit until I find it growing fungus and end up throwing it out anyway. Saving money stinks (literally).

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