Super Moms Are Not From This World


super mom     When we’re first starting out as new moms, we have the best of intentions. Wow, how naive we were. But, we had it all planned out with the perfect little clothes, the teaching toys and the baby books. We weren’t going to sit them in front of the TV, fill them up with those sugary drinks or go to bed without brushing their teeth. Reality eventually hits and we will do anything for five minutes to ourselves including locking ourselves in the bathroom or letting Barney take over as the grown up for a little bit. When the second or third kid comes along, things become even more lenient. We have learned that they won’t break and we don’t try to shield them from every potential threat along the way.

I am still amazed at the moms that seem to be straight out of an old sitcom. Do you know the ones I am talking about? They seem to attend every PTA meeting, drive all the kids to soccer, always have homemade chocolate chip cookies on hand and they sew every costume ever needed. I am convinced these people are aliens. No one is that good. Go back to your home planet already, you are making the rest of us look like shit! Us real moms might be struggling to get by but we will make it because we love our kids. We just do it with circles under our eyes, hair in a bun and store bought chocolate chip cookies for the bake sale.

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