Don’t Shoot The Messenger


shoot messenger     I was at the grocery store the other day and saw the following scene play out. A woman in her 50’s was in line at the self checkout counter. When it was her turn she started to ring up her items and then threw a fit over the price of strawberries. So, she DEMANDS immediate attention. When a clerk arrives to help her, she starts screaming that she won’t pay this much for strawberries, they weren’t worth more than 29 cents and they were all green. Ok, well did you honestly think that the strawberries were going to be on sale for 29 cents and if they are all green, then you suck at picking out fruit. And, it isn’t the clerk’s fault that the cost of fruit is too high. It isn’t like she is messing with the price of strawberries, snickering to herself thinking she can now pay her mortgage. Give her a break! Then, the same woman is out in front of the store as I am leaving and I hear her telling another person what a stressful week she has had. Imagine how stressful you have made it for people if that’s how you act!

Once I was at Target and proceeded to help an elderly woman get some paper towel off a high shelf. Once it was in her cart, she started attacking me about how high our prices were and the quality has done nothing but go down. She can remember when paper towel was less than 50 cents a roll. She said my company should be ashamed of itself for soaking up her whole check each month. She was so angry she was actually spitting at me. She finally stopped to take a breath and then asked me “Well, what do you have to say for yourself?” I had to tell her the truth and reply with “I don’t work here.”

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