And The Band Played On


state fair    Remember the days when you could afford to go see your favorite band in concert? You didn’t have to drive a thousand miles, you didn’t need VIP status for a chance at meeting the band and there wasn’t a grueling security check at the door. It was about the music and the experience. Now, unless you are willing to dish out several hundreds to several thousands of dollars, you won’t ever see your favorite artists live. Sure, you can opt for the cheaper seats in the nosebleed section and settle for watching the band on a big screen (isn’t this the same thing as watching them on tv?). I would rather just stay at home where the couch and fridge are. Now and then I will still dish out the cash and suffer the consequences because of my love for the band. The only other option is to wait 20 years and hope they show up at your state fair. Meat on a stick and 38 Special; sounds pretty good to me…

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One thought on “And The Band Played On

  1. Steven Arneson

    When I think back on the bands I was able to attend I realize how blessed I was, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Jethro Tull, Styxx, Blue Oyster Cult, Three Dog Night, etc. usually for about $8 a ticket. I just wish I could remember what happened happened at those concerts. LOL!!!

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