dog cone     Oh, the humiliation of being a dog that has to wear one of those cones on their heads! I realize the intentions are good and will likely speed up the healing process but how can he ever face the other dogs again? He can’t chase his tail, can’t bury a bone and most importantly, can’t lick his own balls. How will Spot ever get his self esteem back again? It is honestly a cone of shame. The owner isn’t able to avoid embarrassment either. Your dog looks like a putz and people stare at you like you are torturing that poor animal. I wonder if when the dog barks, he thinks he can hear the ocean?? I bet his dreams at night include the moment when he can slam your human head in that cone, take you out for a walk in front of all of your friends and laugh like hell. Then, when you get home, he will drop scraps of food on the floor that you can’t reach because of your damn cone. Let’s hope the dogs never rule the world.

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One thought on “Coneheads

  1. Poor dog. I wonder if I could successfully fit one of those on Mishmash. She normally only extends her claws when we try to force feed her medicines or when I torment her

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