Park It!


parking     All you have to do is watch the interactions that take place in any parking lot to realize we haven’t evolved as far as we think we have. Those caveman tendencies come out in full force when there is only one parking spot left and three drivers want it. People will do anything to acquire that space. Often, we are running late and want to get to our destination quickly. But, we don’t even consider the fact that after we spend 15 more minutes driving around in circles and cutting off other drivers, we could have just walked to where we wanted in less time. It does kind of bring a rush though to pull into that spot 2 seconds quicker than that other guy. Then, we kind of do a head twirl as if to say “Ha, got ya!” and now we are strutting to where we need to go. How about that moment when you see a spot and start to pull in with a devious grin. Then…you find one of those tiny pieces of shit parked there that gave the illusion that the spot was free. We get really pissed and wonder why this guy can’t get a real car already. I love the people who can’t seem to read. They sit in a spot for an hour that is marked 10 minutes only. But again, I am dumb enough to keep driving around the block to see if they have left yet so I can have the primo spot and cussing them every time I circle. I live in a place where we are each assigned a parking spot in the lot. There are signs posted at each space. You think that would be a good thing, always a good spot to park in! But, I still have to pay a ridiculous fee just to park in my own spot. Something about that just isn’t right.

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