Hold The Bus


school bus     I love that my daughter is old enough to ride the bus now and better yet, that it picks her up almost directly in front of the house. It saves me the time of actually having to get out of my pajamas to take her to school (or worse yet, to take her in the pajamas). But, what I can’t understand is why it takes them 45 minutes to bring her home after school when the school is only 5 blocks away?? My daughter has told me that they take “the long route” and drop off a bunch of other kids first. Ok, I guess I can’t really complain but it seems strange. Granted, the only time I have seen “Fred the Bus Driver” is one time when he got off the bus to talk to some parents. He bent over to pick up his hat that blew off and the plumber’s crack blew me away. That is the only image of Fred that I have. I try not to think about it too much. I asked my daughter if he was nice and she said “No, he yells at everybody for no reason”. I am sure it’s not for no reason. Can you imagine being a bus driver? Has to be one of the worst jobs ever. And then, that plumber’s crack on top of it. Makes for a rough day.

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