Taking Care Of Business


bathroom     I will never understand the people who refuse to use public restrooms. Sure, it’s inconvenient. They usually stink and sometimes you have to battle it out for some TP. But, if you have to take a dump, you have to take a dump! I don’t really care where I am at, if they have a restroom I am using it (I am not above squatting in the woods either). I can’t comprehend why you would torture yourself and try to hold it in. I once dated a guy who always had to stay close to home in case he needed to use the bathroom. It was absolutely ridiculous planning an outing around his bathroom needs. We would have to leave concerts, clubs, picnics, you name it; just so he could go home to take a poop. One day he had the flu but still went into work. Needless to say, that day he didn’t make it home in time. His white pants were loaded with green diarrhea. I laughed for a good hour. Then, he actually thought I would launder those pants for him. Get serious! I told him to throw those stank things out, this isn’t the poop patrol. Bathrooms are there for a reason. So plug you nose, do your business and move on with life. As far as I can tell, women have it much worse. We are the ones who have to wait in line for an hour…

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