Dream Another Dream, This Dream Is Over


dream 2    R.I.P. Dr. Derek Shepherd. Grey’s Anatomy killed off the beloved McDreamy character in last night’s episode. The crowd went wild. Fans have posted thousands of comments expressing their anger and even threatening the show’s creator. Now, I am a fan too and love me some McDreamy. But, get a grip people! It is just a show and he was just a character. I loved him in Can’t Buy Me Love, Loverboy and Sweet Home Alabama too. He will go on to do other projects. HE isn’t ACTUALLY dead.

I hope women realize that NO McDreamy actually exists, anywhere. There is no guy on Earth that always looks great, knows all the right things to say and will make your heart skip a beat every time he walks into a room (men: the female version is non-existent as well). It’s made up, make-believe, a DREAM for sure. What does exist are several versions of McNightmare. If you don’t believe me, just look back on every person you have ever dated. Sweet dreams? Probably not. Even McDreamy himself has 2 EX wives. Just saying.

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