We’re An American Band


singer    Some people like to sing in the shower. I prefer to sing in the car. I sound awesome and the trip to wherever I am headed is a much happier one (it curbs my road rage). But, what do you do when someone catches you singing? Not a damn thing! What do I have to be embarrassed about? I am rockin’ it. It isn’t like I got caught picking my nose or something. I just keep right on singing. Today I was caught singing almost an entire chorus (air guitar and drums included). I was unaware that a car full of teenagers was stopped next to me at the light. They were kind enough to clap and cheer for me before speeding off. See, I am good. I should start charging for my show on the road. It is becoming a family band as my youngest daughter had busted out some moves too. My oldest daughter will also join in but only if it is Taylor Swift or One Direction (yes, I am still working on her). Keep an eye out for us, we are the next big thing rolling through your town.

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