Misuse Of The FB Like Button…


dislike    Let’s clear something up about the “Like” button on Facebook. It isn’t merely an acknowledgment of the person’s post. It means that you actually LIKE what they have said. For example, if I post “What a day! I fell down in the street and broke my butt. Then, a car ran over me!” and you “Like” it; you like that I fell down, that my butt is broke, that a car ran me over or all of the above. What the hell kind of friend is that? We are on Facebook complaining because we would like some sympathy (or at least help with the lyrics for our country song). So be a friend, don’t “Like” our misery. It is never cool to “Like” a post about a lost job, grandma’s funeral, a dead dog or a recent bitter breakup. Hit that button that says “Comment” and type “Thinking of You”. It’s that easy to NOT be ignorant.

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