You Are My Sunshine, Now Go Away…


rainbow sun    Don’t those always positive, full of sunshine, farting pixie dust and shitting rainbows people drive you nuts? I can admit that I am somewhat of a negative ninny. Although, I consider it to be a REALISTIC attitude. Then, you are better prepared to handle life when it continually hands you a pile of crap. Being a positive person really is a great thing. But, not to the point that you are walking around like Mary Poppins. This just tells me that you are completely oblivious to your surroundings. Pick up a newspaper or watch the nightly news. There are plenty of things to get depressed about. Hell, that Sarah McLachlan “Save the Animals” commercial is enough to send me in a tizzy. Be happy but don’t be annoying. And, if you must sprinkle love everywhere you go, give me a warning so I can get out my umbrella. P.S. I don’t do hugs or those pretentious cheek kisses either.

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