Clean Up America, Or At Least The Front Yard


trash     I have decided I need to ask Ann Landers a question: What is the proper way to tell your neighbors they are complete and total slobs?? Is there a polite way to say that? They left a bag of rotting garbage on the porch for 2 days until magpies and mice were rummaging through it. When the kids are outside, they eat popsicles, chips, candy bars and all types of fast food items. Then, the wrappers and garbage are immediately thrown on the ground and eventually are blown into my garden. We have played musical yards with a sled all winter. It ends up in ours, I put it back in theirs and it goes on and on. Scooters, bikes and toys litter our sidewalk. I kick them back over to their side. We have kids too, but they aren’t allowed to be total barbarians. I caught a peek into their kitchen window and the garbage inside was piled sky high as well. I just can’t understand how people live in total filth, especially with children. But, that’s their business. Just don’t share your crap with us, this isn’t the city dump. The dad was wearing a shirt the other day that said “Keep America Beautiful”. Great! Start with your own space first! If I find that damn sled in our yard again, I am throwing it in the dumpster…alright, I won’t because I am all talk. But still, I am going to think about it really hard.

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